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Why to make videos?

In today’s digital world everyone loves to watch video. Videos are engaging millions over multiple platform. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are process in the brain 60 time faster than text. Our world is changing forever with new communication styles. Television, Internet, Email, Instant Messenger, Live chat and probably the biggest of them all – Social Media! Video revolution is what holds the maximum potential over all platforms, transcending language barriers and [...]

Are you an Digital Platform Company (App,website,Seo)

In case you are a digital platform company who solely derives its sales from online mediums like apps, websites and online promotional content, video marketing holds an altogether different importance for you. A good video animation can mean paying and global customers while cutting down or ignoring the video marketing merely means that you are losing one of the most important and proven method of selling your awesome product or service.

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